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Absentee Homeowners


Primary and seccondary homes are left vacant for extended periods of time. Vacation By Owner Rental homes are sometimes vacant and without local representation when things go wrong.  Our program is designed to care for and secure these homes providing peace of mind for the homeowner. An A La Carte menu of services or retainer fee options are available to customize personal needs.


All homes need upgrades or maintenance as time goes by.  We assist in this process by obtaining bids from reputable vendors, when the project is outside our scope of home improvement services.  Projects are coordinated, observed and documented by our staff.




Contractor Liaison

We act as a liaison between the homeowner and general contractor during renovations of or making additions to a home..  The scope of contractor's work is coordinated and we interface with that contractor or subcontractor.


Quality Control

We observe and monitor contractor or subcontractor performance to help insure adherence to terms and conditions of agreements.  Site observation promotes quality control.


Detailed Reports

Detailed reports made during observations and photographs of progress are submitted to the homeowner throughout the project. Getting a job well done is a lenghty process that requires diligence and review every step of the way.


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