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Home Improvements


Estate Concierge's home improvement division provides carpentry, painting, tile installations, upgrades, small renovations and remodeling.  The division provides an array of manual skills as an alternative to hiring the general contractor required for large and complex projects.  Our goal is to update  your home to significantly increase its sales value or just keep it well- maintained.




Tile Remodel

Tile dramatically increases the value of a home. Update your kitchen,  the heart of your home, and make it a beeline of excitement for the discerning buyer. Bathrooms come in second to added value.  Installation of tile floors, countertops, back splashes and showers are our specialty.  Let us remodel your existing kitchen and bath.


There are so many ways to upgrade a home. Let us know what you need and would like and we will work together to create a plan within your budget to make your home more functional and beautiful.  Nice hardware signals a solid home and sets the stage for a  great first impression and well maintained character.  Call us for a free estimate to make that first impression a lasting one.

Residential Carpentry


We install new cabinets, floating flooring, outdoor decks, patios and storage buildings. A three bedroom can become four, if you have a den.  Add a closet to make that fourth bedroom to add a lot of value. Painting, repairs of drywall, new drywall installation and repair or installation of new ceilngs are emcompassing skills that may be needed in the scope of each project.






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